Building custom fireplace mantels or bookshelves is what we love to do. We are able to match up trim from turn of the century or homes built last year. As woodworkers we love a challenge. Some of our projects have allowed us to use our creative woodworking minds to build features you don't see replicated. For example, we wanted some soft light to light up the top of a staircase. We decided to hollow out a newel post and put frosted glass inside with a light. This was a great mood light or even used for safety purposes so the homeowner can see where the top step is. Another example of our ability to step out of the box and meet our homeowners desires with our baseball bat hand rail. We were able to manipulate wood baseball bats just enough to serve as balusters of a handrail. This created a sharp unique handrail that fit the sports theme of the room. The examples could go on and on. The point I want to make crystal clear is that nothing is too much for us. We can do the simple tasks that you require and the difficult ones you may want. 

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Mark Behr and Behr Construction came in and trimmed out my basement in no time. They were in and out and the trim was as tight as it gets. Quick with quality is all you can ask for in a contractor. Behr Cosntruction comes highly recommended.

Tim Scheib